Workers in Lesney’s Matchbox Factory. Picture: Neil Martinson

“If you wanted to be anyone or anywhere you wouldn’t stay in Hackney. It’s quite the opposite now.” 

~ Neil Martinson, Hackney Gazette

The studio visited Martinson’s ‘Another Time, Another Place’ at Stour Space yesterday. The exhibition revisits Hackney in the 70s and 80s, documenting working lives of Hackney locals, families and street scene culture.

Working with photographer Jo Spence, he founded Hackney Flashers, a key part of Hackney’s creative activism during the 70s, pressing for women’s rights.

Sally Army. Picture: Neil Martinson

Ridley Road Market. Picture: Neil Martinson

Rachel Point. Picture: Neil Martinson

Check out the exhibition at Stour Space from 2nd till 22nd February.

Another Time Another Place | 1st February 2018

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