In Tender

REMI.C.T Studio understands the importance of creating a high-quality structure accompanied by a timeless design.

The future of living is determined through the combination of varying factors around the active fast-paced nature of life and the growing desire to maintain a steady balance – a home should encompass all of these qualities to create a space that is timeless in both its character and livability standards.

This is a bountiful project with the capacity to explore the parallel between a modern lifestyle and a home fit for multiple purposes and occupants. The refurbishment will cover multiple areas including a refurbishment of the existing structure, multiple extensions, additional new-build structures, landscaping, and interior fit-out.

Sustainable design will be considered with the overall concepts of modernity and multi-generational living at the core of the design process; encouraging both contemporary living and communal balance.

The scheme will be established with a sophisticated design that creates a harmonious relationship between both the exterior and interior spaces whilst maintaining an ultramodern ambience that is generationally multi-purposeful, spatially versatile, and stylistically adaptable.

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