Leytonstone, London




Planning Stages

In partnership with Kit London, this design is playful, yet contextually responsible as it seeks to question east London’s vernacular architecture whilst also respecting it undoubtedly. Its use of rich brown/red brick and sweeping curved forms soften its impact on the road whilst cleverly containing beautiful luxury spaces and stunning private amenity.

Based in the Borough of Waltham Forest, the design seeks to contribute to the future ethos of Leytonstone and its community; encouraging quality-design ad finish for a family living within the community.

This infill site uses the curved and arched motifs of the surrounding site to formulate a small family home. Taking these shapes, along with others such as roof heights, the focus has been on how to bend and fold around the site to allow for this end of terrace house to fir within its surroundings.

The proposal reacts to the site’s form and references the surrounding context through form and materiality. It has been designed to match the footprint of the current structure that lies on the site with integrated planters and a curved brick wall to soften its impact on the street. This helps the proposal not compete with the surrounding architecture and
complement the streetscape.

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