Maryland, London




In Construction

“Infill sites are the cracks in the fabric of our cities; neglected but awash with potential. Their limits are not a restriction, but rather a unique quality to be rethought and responded to with innovative design and the artistry of construction.”

Sketchbook Thoughts, Defining Infill

As a studio, we strongly believe that finding a fusion between development and design on infill sites such as this can act as a factor for the solution to London’s housing needs. The unique and distinctive site of Maryland House had difficulty obtaining planning since 2002, but in 2016 the studio took on the challenge as a development scheme.

The proposal provides a bold bookend to the terraced street. With London Stock firmly relating to surrounding dwellings in order to maintain the classic language and form of the area, whilst not compromising the quality of light to the adjacent structures. The house combines a high-quality studio and living space; addressing the contemporary demands of a new generation of young creatives based in East London.

Photography Credit: James Retief

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