Orile, Lagos, Nigeria





“Why are people not saying ‘I got my block work from West Africa’ like they say ‘I got my marble from Venice’? The artistry of the construction technology is where the value begins.”

~ Remi

The scheme is in the heart of Orile, it consists of a compound that is set to be re-developed in a series of phases. The studio has been brought onto the project to start the concept of phase one – taking the existing structure and adding an additional floor and using the area of the roof to provide privatised garden spaces.

It is a mixed development that allows four apartments on the upper floors, then on the ground level, offices, car parking and servicing area. The envelope design was created to enhance and understand the existing technologies. To stretch and challenge them in order to utilise a high-quality level of design.

The studio has focused on the technologies of blockwork, render and timber, to create a sustainable scheme and has allowed space for water storage and the further development of solar panel usage.

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